We still walk past those who need help
Saturday, October 22, 2011

This article also appeared in the Dawson Creek Daily News, the Cranbrook Daily Townsman, the Kimberly Daily Bulletin, the Okanagan Saturday, and the Victoria Times Columnist.

Two-year old Wang Yue wanders into a Guangdong street and is knocked down by a van that speeds on. Eighteen people pass here as she lies in the street without stopping to help. She cries, laying in her own blood. At last, a peasant woman picks her up off the street. She died Friday.

The horrible scene, captured on closed-circuit TV and seen by millions, has sparked a global discussion. Why are people in today's China so indifferent to a child in pain, crying, bloody, in the street? How can they turn away from suffering? Has the rush for economic success drained people of humanity?