Vancouver sex workers hold forum to discuss housing challenges

Legislation introduced in 2014, targeting buyers rather than those who sell the service, compounds the problem, according to Andrea Krüsi, a researcher for the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. 

"Clients are less likely to go [to sex workers' homes] because they are considered easy targets for police at those locations," she says, because many SROs require guests to show their ID.

Krüsi says more landlords now are discriminating against high-end or indoor sex workers — and with a vacancy rate that stands at 0.6 per cent in Vancouver, they can be choosy.

"Landlords in this housing crisis have a lot of potential tennants to chose from," she says. 

Dr. Krüsi also spoke with The Early Edition on the CBC, which you can listen to here. The clip is from 1:11:56 - 1:12:49. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016