GSHI & QMUNITY receive new MSFHR Convening and Collaborating grant for community-based Training Forum and T2SGD research development

In partnership with QMUNITY, GSHI team members have been awarded funding from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) in order to support a provincial meeting of LGBTQ/2S educators and stakeholders this spring.  The goal of this meeting is to bring together individuals and groups who are engaged in providing educational materials and workshops relating to LGBTQ/2S issues to explore opportunities for sharing and building new knowledge through teaching and research.

The MSFHR C2 funding focuses on projects designed to promote developing relationships between researchers and research users including community-based organizations such as QMUNITY.  16 teams across British Columbia were funded in the 2018 competition, with a wide range of projects addressing BC’s health system priority areas. 

The work supported by this grant will dovetail with the ongoing consultations with trans, Two Spirit and gender diverse individuals being carried out by GSHI team members Lulu Gurney, Jill Chettiar and Dr. Tara Lyons.  We look forward to furthering our new partnership with QMUNITY and to receiving community input on research priorities from a wide range of community members with lived experience.  There will be more updates soon as the spring Training Forum begins taking shape – stay tuned!