5 Questions with Candice Norris, Peer Evaluator for the PLDI Impact Evaluation

In this interview, Candice Norris, a peer evaluator with the Pacific AIDS Network, talks about how she got her start in HIV research over a decade ago when she was a peer researcher and outreach worker with GSHI's MAKA project.

Pacific AIDS Network
Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Candice is a mother of three beautiful children (2 biological) ages 21, 4, and 3. She is an aboriginal woman from the Cree/Dene nation. Candice happens to be in recovery from substance abuse going on 7+ years. She was diagnosed as being HIV+ 22 years ago when pregnant with her now 21 years old (HIV-) daughter. Candice is currently involved with the PLDI Impact Evaluation and loves doing peer work because of the giving back factor which keeps her grounded while also giving others hope. In Candice’s own words, “I hope to continue working with peers until I grow up!”