The ETHICS Project is underway in Bali, Buenos Aires and Vancouver

A Progress Update from Canadian PI of the ETHICS Project, Dr. Putu Duff:

'The ETHICS Project, 'Towards the Ethical Implementation of Testing, Treatment and HIV Care in Key Populations: Investigating Community-based Priorities in the Scale-up of TasP', has now received approval from IRB boards in Bali (Udayana University IRB) and Buenos Aires (Huesped Foundation IRB) and Vancouver (University of British Columbia IRB). We would like to extend our thanks to Dr. Socias, Dr. Sued, for facilitating the ethics application in Buenos Aires, Dr. Rowe and Dr. Januraga for facilitating the ethics application in Bali, and Peter Vann for his assistance with Vancouver's ethics application.

In November and December 2015, we welcomed four new peer research associates and two study coordinators: Tetik Saradita (Rara), Christian Supriyadinata and Emily Rowe in Bali; and Claudia Frola, Virginia Zalazar and Inese Aristegui in Buenos Aires. The team have already contributed substantially to the planning stages of the project, and led consultations with our community partners/members to learn about sex workers' and transwomens' experiences with HIV services and community priorities around the ethical scale-up of HIV services as part of a Treatment as Prevention (i.e. SUFA) approach. Many thanks to Huesped Foundation and Yayasan Kerti Praja for hosting these sessions!

We are excited for further community consultations, training and interviews to commence in summer of 2016!

We would also like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences and informed the planning stages of the ETHICS Project. We are grateful for your candidness and openness. Your expertise has been invaluable in identifying priorities around the scale-up of HIV services and informing the next steps of this study.'

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