GSHI's Jill Chettiar offers advice to health providers on delivering safe and sensitive care for sex workers

Jill Chettiar, MD Candidate and GSHI Research Associate, authoured an article for the BCCDC blog 'Smart Sex Resource' on how to best support sex workers accessing health care, and sexual and reproductive health services. Based on her many years of experience with GSHI as Research Coordinator, and relying on evidence from the AESHA Project, Jill suggests that health providers gain better understanding of hte structural risk factors facing sex workers in relation to HIV and STIs and by creating safe care environments. From the article:

"Through education and connection with community, care providers can promote openness and acceptance in their practice, which can help reduce barriers to accessing health care by sex workers."

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Jill Chettiar was recently awarded the 'Access to Justice Award' from Pivot Legal Society for her work supporting the Vancouver sex worker organization 'Sex Workers United Against Violence' (SWUAV) in their challenge of Canada's sex work laws. Congratulations Jill!