New Consultations with Trans, Two-Spirit and Gender Diverse Community Experts

Building off of our work with trans and two spirit individuals in a number of GSHI projects over the last five years, we have heard from community the need to look broader at research in gaps in care and need for trans-specific services for trans, two-spirit and gender diverse (T2SGD) individuals.

This summer GSHI’s Lulu Gurney and Jill Chettiar began important conversations as part of a consultation process with community organizations and individual community members and leaders. These have taken the form of informal conversations and one-on-one interviews with community experts on what would be priorities in research and programs. It is our hope that this consultation process can highlight the research and policy priorities from T2SGD community for such a project, both in terms of research themes as well as how and where a broad-scoped project focused on the health of trans, two-spirit and gender diverse health could take place.

Consultations are ongoing, and we are looking for community experts! If you identify as trans/ two-spirit/ or gender diverse and would like to participate, please get in touch at: For more information, please call the GSHI office at 604-945-0899, or e-mail us at