Dr. Kathleen Deering, Research Scientist with GSHI/BC-CfE and new faculty in the Department of Medicine at UBC, receives MSFHR Scholar Award and CIHR New Investigator Award!

Congratulations to Dr. Deering for receiving both the MSFHR Scholar/ Career Investigator and CIHR New Investigator Awards for her critical work with women living with and affected  by HIV. Dr. Deering is co-Principal Investigator of GSHI's newly launched SHAWNA Project (Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Women's Longitudinal Needs Assessment), and continues to lead research on women both living with and affected by HIV, particularly marginalized and vulnerable populations. Over the next five years, in partnership with a range of community, health and policy partners with SHAWNA, Dr. Deering aims to develop innovative apporaches to examine women's sexual health and HIV treatment and care experiences and outcomes. Women in BC continue to experience sub-optimal sexual and reproductive health and HIV treatment and care outcomes, including delayed initiation and gaps in retention in antiretroviral therapy. Dr. Deering's work with women living with and affected by HIV will shed a critical lens on improved policies and practices that best support women-centred sexual health and HIV care in BC and globally.