The CHAPS Project is looking for participants!

The CHAPS (Community Health Assessment of Men who Purchase and Sell Sex) Project is a study of the health, safety, working and purchasing conditions for men involved in the sex industry in Metro Vancouver. We have begun interviews but are still looking for self-identified men who have experiences purchasing or selling sexual services, who have solicited/been solicited in indoor, outdoor or online venues in Vancouver and who would be interested in participating in this study. 

Globally, there continues to be a complete absence of HIV prevention and sexual health research focusing on men (inclusive of transgender men) in the sex industry, and sex buyers in particular. This exploratory, qualitative study aims to evaluate the gender dynamics, sexual health and HIV risk environment of male sex workers and sex buyers, including men who both buy and sell sex, through the street, as off-street independents (e.g. online) and in venue-based settings, such as bath houses and bars.

The CHAPS Project aims to inform a better understanding of men’s experiences, sexual health, and HIV vulnerabilities in the sex industry, and to identify barriers to care, in an effort to inform policy and evidence-based programs.

Buying or selling sex in Vancouver? CHAPS wants to hear from you!

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