Celebrating International Women's Day 2018!

This International Women's Day while celebrating the strength and power of women, non-binary, two-spirit and transfeminine people in our communities, we're also thinking about women living with HIV and other marginalized groups who are disproportionately scrutinized under the law.

Women living with HIV are overcriminalized, with a high proportion having incarceration experience. This is borne out by our SHAWNA research on incarceration, which which we're conducting in collaboration with our partners Oak Tree Clinic (BC Women’s Hospital) and the Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education.

Earlier this month Dr. Andrea Krüsi was in Boston to present our SHAWNA research on the associations between gender-based violence and incarceration amongst women living with HIV at the 8th International Workshop on HIV & Women. Our findings will also be presented at the upcoming CAHR conference held in Vancouver this April.