Community Partners

GSHI actively engages community partners in all our research projects to ensure our research reflects and address health inequities in the community. All our research projects include active community partners and community advisory boards who help ensure our research is responsive to emerging and important issues of health inequity in the community and translate into improve health policies and programs for marginalized populations. Below is a list of some of the key community partner organizations in our projects both in Canada and globally.

Photo by Deanna C.

Aboriginal Health & Safety Project

Part of WISH Drop-in Centre Society.

Afro-Canadian Positive Network of BC

The AIDS Support Organization (TASO)

AIDS Vancouver

Atira Women’s Resource Society

BC Centre for Disease Control

BC Coalition for Experiential Communities


BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre


Part of AIDS Vancouver.

Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Awareness

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network


Collaborating Centre for Prison Health and Education



Lookout Society

McLaren Housing Society of BC

Oak Tree Clinic

Part of the BC Women's Hospital.

Options for Sexual Health

PACE Society

Pivot Legal Society

Positive Haven

Part of the Lookout Society.

RainCity Housing

Sex Workers United Against Violence

Vancouver Coastal Health

Women's Health Research Institute


YouthCO HIV & Hep C Society